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Exhausted worker wipes his forehead

Overcoming Fatigue Risks at Your Facility

Fatigue often goes underrecognized as a risk factor in many work environments. Workers are at a higher risk of suffering fatigue-related incidents in environments containing key factors such as long working hours, on-call work, seasonal highs, shiftwork, physically and mentally demanding work, boring and monotonous work, safety-sensitive work, and driving operations.

Businesswoman holding her back in pain while working at her desk

Some Suggestions for Better Office Ergonomics

Back pain, whether chronic or acute, is one of the most common (and complained about) ergonomic injuries. While they may not be the source of the issue, there’s a good deal of blame to be placed at the feet of changes in chair design over the years. As a facility manager, you’re quite likely to […]

Forklift safety

Are There Forklifts at Your Facility? OSHA Wants Your Input on Potential Rules

If you have forklifts at your facility and have an opinion on the rules that govern their safe operation, now is your chance to weigh in with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA is seeking comment and information about possible deregulatory action involving general industry, construction, and maritime standards for forklifts and other […]

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Get the Edge You Need at the Facilities Management Summit!

The Facilities Management Summit is a dynamic two-day event specifically targeted at facilities management professionals across all sectors. The summit is set up to facilitate focused discussions between you and vendors who will walk you through the latest technologies and innovative solutions to meet your facility’s maintenance and operational needs.

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What Are You Responsible for at a Multiemployer Facility?

How many employers have a presence in your facility? Do you have two or three contractors renovating a tenant’s office space, another contractor running your on-site cafeteria, some consultants evaluating your production unit, a medical group doing on-site wellness screening, and a crew of temporary employees in the warehouse? All of those workers represent different […]

cleaning crew

Do Your Cleaning Crews Pass Security Scrutiny?

At most facilities, janitorial crews are often neither seen nor heard, starting their work shifts after most employees have gone home. This level of freedom has the potential to cause security problems related to more than just incidents of theft. Workers in these jobs may be poorly screened or not background-checked by the firms who […]

Evaluating Your Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment

Flood water, whether due to natural causes or infrastructure failure can have catastrophic effects when it comes to electrically powered equipment and appliances. It is always best to contact your supplier for proper procedures, but these tips can help you evaluate damaged electronics.

Inspection of facilities

Has Your Facility Been Cited? Here’s What to Do

If your facility has been cited by OSHA, EPA, the EEOC, or another regulatory agency, it’s important to take steps immediately to address violations and bring your workplace into compliance. While some corrections may fall solely upon your environment, health, and safety (EHS) department, others may require the involvement of facilities management (FM) pros in […]

Scales of Justice

FYI for Facilities Managers: EPA Penalties Have Increased

Although delayed by the government shutdown, the EPA has finalized regulations adjusting its civil penalties to account for inflation. If you’re responsible for a facility that manages hazardous waste or is subject to clean air and water regulations (among others), be sure to take note of these developments.

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Is Your Facility Ready for Norovirus Clean Up?

The mercury has fallen in thermometers across the country, and people have headed indoors. This annual population shift is something for facility managers to take note of, as it comes with a dramatic uptick in communicable disease, including (and especially) Norovirus. While mistakenly referred to as the “stomach flu” it is a completely different virus. […]